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Bear Box Media was founded by Andy Ford. Originally intended to be a graphic design studio, he found more and more of his clients were asking for HTML5 programs and games. During this time, he started working on a little mobile game called Internal Invasion. This would one day turn out to be his first console released game, averaging mostly favourable reviews on the Wii U.


Whilst mostly a team of one, Bear Box Media appreciates the talent of others and likes to outsource wherever possible.


Currently, Bear Box Media is working on 4 different projects. StarLight, BTOPA, Binary Run, and a top secret game they're not talking about just yet. BBM thrives on the feedback of others and so shares prototypes wherever possible in the hopes of getting feedback early on and throughout.




Have you ever wanted to create your own Game Show? Well now you can! Grab up to 4 friends or teams, and throw them head first into the game show of your making!


Host your own Quiz with a choice of over 1000 questions from 10 categories, or better yet, create 2 custom categories with the in-game question creator! Got an up-coming event, such as a party, baby shower, or birthday? Write some personalized questions, and add that extra touch to the event.


The fun doesn't stop at quizzes though! Play all sorts of multiplayer mini-games, and be as nice or as mean as you like.


Remember, it's your Game Show! You're the Host!

U Host features:


  • Create a game show with as many rounds as you want, with a helpful timer that estimates how long the show will take to play
  • A question creator with a near unlimited number of spaces. Create your own questions for those special events
  • Already includes over 1000 questions from categories ranging from History to Technology
  • Multiple mini-games, such as Pursuit, RCMADIAX's Blok Drop, or even Charades (Guess It)
  • Name your game show, pick the intro music and the background
  • Controllers optional! All you need is the Game Pad, so there's no need to rush out to buy extra controllers
  • Supports Wii Remotes and Pro Controllers, giving players a physical device to buzz in with
  • User friendly controls and on-screen guides for the Host
  • The Host experiences an entirely different game from the players
  • Freedom of choice! The Host can be as friendly or as horrible as they like
  • Supports 1 Host and 4 players or teams of as many people as you can fit in your living room

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