Want to be the Host

of your own Game Show?

U Host


Have you ever wanted to create your own Game Show? Well now you can, exclusively on Wii U!


Grab up to 4 friends or teams, and throw them head first into the game show of your making!

The best thing is that you don't need any extra controllers to play! So long as you have the Wii U Game Pad, you're good to go!


Ensure that all the family can take part by utilising the powerful and robust question creator, or simply enjoy over 1000 preset questions from a variety of categories.

Playing as the Host gives you an entirely different gaming experience to other players. Not only do you get a say in the rules, but you can be as kind or relentless as you like. Is a player pushing their luck and buzzing too soon? Disable their buzzer. Is another bragging too loudly? Change their name to something more suitable.


Create a personalised game show with as few or as many rounds as you like, or make one entirely comprised of mini-games!

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